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Monday, 18 April 2016


Ooh I have had a lovely time. I am just back from the big busy place where I used to live and I had fun there with MyYoungPeoples
this is MyYoungPeoples but there is only little bit showing and no sniff

 and go to stay in a hotel, but I always like to take my own bed.

sleeping at hotel

 And even though it is very boring on the train apart from when peoples come to say how lovely dog I am, *of course*, when we got back we went straight to my best beach for runs about. Although I did most of the runnings.

you should see me run after these

But before all that I had some lovely new walkies!

 First of all on the day MyOtherPeoples was learning boat driving MyPeoples took me for scrambly, muddy walkies which was lovely even though we had to go in the car first. MyPeoples found out about it here. It was very good fun and because it was mostly far from road and there were no sheeps or cows with their pups I could run without my lead a lot of the time. MyPeoples liked to stop sometimes, she said to look at view but I think maybe she just wanted a rest. I think views are very overrated, sniffs are much better but peoples like views.

this is view
but this is sniff
you can roll in sniff

After we had finished walkies we had a drink at the cafe and then we drove home for tea.

cafe was here

this says bring your lovely dog inside

And then not quite the next day we all went on another walkies which was very good too, even though I was NOT ALLOWED to go for lovely swim in the bubbly water.

it looks really good

this water a bit bubbly even for me

Sometimes I had to show MyPeoples the right way to go.

and I not even pointer dog

It was quite a big walkies so tbh I did not mind that we had big train journey next day. And then after that I got to see MyYoungPeoples. Which is where I started.



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