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Monday, 4 April 2016

I'm a happy doggie

Why? Well because I have lovely peoples. I know I complains because I am NOT ALLOWED all the scrumptious things that my pals get, like scrambly eggs and chicken and dog cakes and I s'pose it's good for me *nods head in mature way*, but they are very keen on walkies. Now mostly it's the  along the road and jumping into the ditch when cars come and having to wait outside the shop walkies,
just in case you had forgotten this is how I wait
 but they do try and make it better by going onto the beach and I like it when I meets my pals.

comparing notes on sniffs with my friend

  Anyway it is not always the along the road walkies, we have other ones. On the very, very wet day we had the up to the field, down to the beach and MyPeoples getting stuck in the mud walkies.  Which was very good because I do NOT like the along the road walkies in the rain. That is when I puts my paws down. But because I am small dog MyPeoples can pick me up and carry me and then I am sooooooo embarrassed in case I am recognised that I decide wet road walkies is better.

this  is other friend but I not sure she knows what's behind her

 But back to  not road walkies.. Have you seen peoples getting paws stuck in mud?  'Tis very funny.  P'raps not so much for peoples?

We have had other walkies too. We went in car to a big water place where I had to help MyPeoples find the path and had a lovely time checking out all the new sniffs.

the big water place is called loch etive

c'mon peoples

 We found these but MyPeoples wouldn't let me play with them.

I think they have own game

And I am most of all happy because we have had lots of walkies at my best beach. And I have had ALL my favourite games. Chasing ball. Dropping ball. Digging for ball. Putting ball in sea. Putting me in sea.

with m'red ball

he shall not have  it
hehe he didn't 
I have yellow ball too
cooling off other day
when peoples not have dogs they have to make own fun by building these

It is the best thing.

And, because I am grown up and very lovely dog I have also applied for job.  And because I am very kind, generous dog I am letting you  have chance too. But only if you are dog. It is not a job for peoples.

these are dogs with jobs. 

Nearly bed time.

Nitenite licks (too late for twirls)


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