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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Back home

Well pups'n'peoples s'been a long time. But you know I am busy dog.  I have to check out the sniffs along the road, and check in with my pals and their news. And of course my main job is looking after MyPeoples,  rounding up all the balls they drop  and generally making them feel happy.  But as well as all that I have been on holidays.

always good to see

We went in the car

Pfffffft sheeps

and on boats,

best of both worlds

 and stayed in lots of nice places. In one I got to play with the dogs who lived there. We had big funs running around the garden.

But best of all. There were BEACHES. Lots and lots of beaches.


There was this one next to a castle

I am small, it is far away

And this one on a big island was the BEST EVER*

Dailmore, Lewis

And then there was this crunchy beach

Coral beach, Plockton

And this one was the BEST EVER**.

it's soooooooo big

Oops* ! Well I am dog. **It is hard to decide.  I was very 'cited on these beaches. They were runny, splashness fun.

peoples like them like this

And y'know what? I WAS ALLOWED. Ice Cream. This lovely place sells doggie ice cream. This was big new for me. And freezy, but tasty too. *Big licks* There is picture of me on their page.

it's mine, all mine
And I got these in cafe too


It was not all beach fun. We went to a spooky place which was lovely walkies

Fairy Glen

 but if you go just be careful that you are polite. I do not know what happened to this peoples......

And there was this rocky place but it was not safe to chase the stones.

Quiraing, Skye

And me and MyPeoples went to say "Hello" to him

Old Man of Storr

I had one bit of disappointment. I will not be Ambassadog. But it is bigger disappointment for peoples who will not get to meet me, *modest face*. But George is very handsome dog. And I am not jealous. Much.

But I did get these.

Nooooooo, they're mine 

And I have been ALLOWED. So it is not all bad.

Now I have to go and check that MyOtherPeoples is doing things properly in the garden.



PS I will try not to leave it so long next time

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