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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Keeping my paws to the floor

Whoooooooosh, whoosh a month's gone by. And the air has been all whoosh, whoosh , whoosh too. There were some days even I didn't want to go outside. I am quite small dog after all and could easy blow away. Luckily MyPeoples is quite well stuck to ground so I am safe if she holds tight to m'lead. And if it hasn't been whoosh, whoosh outside, it's been all "oh yes it is.." and "it's behind you"indoors, and My Peoples looking very strange indeed.

I have no idea

We have been in the car and stopping at cafe with most lovely name and lots of peoples to say "Hello" and "Ooh lovely" even when I tipped over m'drink and yes it was m'drink.

I couldn't help it

Then the weather stopped whooshing for a bit and we went to the field to chase after balls. TBH I did most of the chasing and catching because I  am best at that, but then it started to snow so we went home for tea and a snooze.


sometimes I brings it back

just 'cause I looks lovely

Yesterday was not whooshy at all and was very sunny so we went on one of my best walks to a big  stone place where the man said I was very lovely *of course* although I did notice he did not give me any snacks. MyPeoples did swaps of metal for snacks in a bag which they DID NOT SHARE. There were lots of good sniffs but the best of all thing about this walk is that it starts and finishes at my Best Beach. It is the greatest place for zoomies. And there are lots of nice dogs. But mostly I just zooms about after my ball. And when they want to stop and go home I puts it in the sea and has a bit of a lie down in the nice waves. Hehe.

he might be handsome, he's NOT having my ball

hehe sitting down*

"it's behind you"

So that is what I have been busy doing.



*this might have been another time, I do it a lot.

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