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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Mapping my world

Hello again pups'n'peoples. MyPeoples was VERY greedy at the Christmastimes. She ate lots and lots  (and DID NOT SHARE) so she is even fatter than usual. This makes her unhappy because her clothes do not fit (another reason why fur is so good, it stretches with you, not that I am ever fat) but it has made me VERY HAPPY because we have been having BIG WALKIES. She has a thing for her paw which tells her how much walkies she has done and if it is enough to stop her getting fatter. Hehe, I have much better idea. Take me for walkies 'til I am tired... CLUE. There is NO WALKIES THAT FAR, but she would have nice figure like me then.

Anyway. One thing is that we now do not go in the car every day. This is A VERY GOOD THING. Instead we are doing the car bit by walkies. And so I am getting to know my place very well by all the  sniffs and nice dogs on the way. Sometimes the sniffs is a bit nasty, I think they might be from these or these or maybe one of these guys, but mostly they is from nice dogs.

First of  all there is GentlemanF who greets me with a big "woof", and when we meet in the field we have a nice run around. A little bit further down is LittleH, he has bark like me and is pleased to see me but we have never played *sad face* 'cause we have only met on road and it is not safe to play there. Next pup is OtherB, we have had little play and her peoples likes me very much and says I am lovely dog *of course*, OtherB does most of her walkies on different hill but it is still nice to get her news.
Then there is BarkyS who sometimes makes MyPeoples jump even though they know she is there. She is not nasty barking, just looking after her garden and saying "Hello" but it is quite loud and sometimes a surprise. Hehe.

And then there is my favourites friend BigS. He is lovely and we have had plays and him and his peoples are always pleased to see me. But then who would not be pleased to see me?

And then we get to the shop. This is a mystery place because have never been inside. I  AM NOT ALLOWED. I used to have to wait in the car but now we ware going by walkies I sit outside which is a bit boring but sometimes people say "Hello" and "Lovely dog" and sometimes I put on my very best  *sad face* to trick peoples that MyPeoples have been away for ages. Hehe.

practising *sad face* and why do they put scarf on me?

But they are always back quick and then we do the walkies again backwards.

we went in the sticks and ball place today, but it's really NOT ALLOWED,  I am checking out the sniffs 

There are lots of other dogs too, there is sometimes another BT but she is in the house because SHE KNOWS HER PLACE (even though she might have been here first) and I maybe wasn't very nice to her in the pub *slightly embarrassed face* but that is NOT why she is indoors. And there are all the dogs who have to work keeping the sheeps in line but they are always too busy to talk. And there are some GINORMOUS dogs and I am a little bit glad they are always on other side of fence. Not that I'm a wimp or anything and they are nice dogs. But very Big. And lots. And  I am only quite small dog , but perfect size as I am BT.

So that is a nice map of my places and if you come here you can have the sniffs yourself.



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