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Monday, 4 January 2016

Yoo hoo everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helloooooooooo! And Happy New Year to all Pups and Peoples. It's been tooooooo long.  So what have I been up to?
Well I have been away on boats to the islands of Mull, where I stayed in lovely hotel *happy pampered face* and Jura, where I was NOT ALLOWED except in the bar and had to sleep in the car *disapproving face* but MyPeoples did come and sleep with me in the morning when she was worried I'd be too cold and I was ok really but very pleased to see her.
I did have lovely times running about on the beach in Jura and up and down the corridor in MyPeoplesGreatAunty's house, specially when I found a squeaky ball there.

the beach at Tiroran house

C'mon how cute do you want me to be?

Calgary beach

having fun

Jura from boat

Islay and Jura from the boat home

I have been on lots of  lovely walkies around my island and on my favourite mainland beach. And  had visits from MyYoungPeoples which was lovely even if he did bring The Girl (I do like her really and she gave me one of my favourite balls)

I did some fundraising for littlePeoples


and joined in with the #BTposse Christmas party to raise funds for furs.

at the #BTposse Christmas party

The it was Christmas, which is nice apart from all the dressing up

no idea who the other one is

And we went to see MyPeoplesAunty which is lovely except for THIS


he might look cute.....

Rachelcat (RIP) was fierce and mostly made of needles and fur,  but she was SMALL.

This guy is AS BIG AS ME (at least) and his name is ASBOcat. Need I say any more?
But I still had a lovely time and great muddy walkies and MyPeoplesAunty has a great garden for zooming in so I was happy.

MyPeoplesAunty taught me how to take selfies

Now I am back home and catching up with all the sniffs.
 Tiring work.

mmmmm comfy




  1. Super blog Miss Bramblings...looks like you had a good Christmas...Clapton

    1. Ooh thanks *blushes* I did have very good time