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Sunday, 11 October 2015

West Highland Walkies

Well pups and peoples I am very glad to tell you that my last two big days out were not to boring shops or sitting around when MyPeoples were eating very scrumptious foods AND NOT SHARING but for REALLY GOOD WALKIES. I was a very happy dog *super smiley face*,  I did not even mind about going in the car  first, I just had a little sleep. We were going to go on the train too but it got in front of us so we did the walkies first and then got the train back to where we had started from.

If you want to do this walkies I think Peoples have made lots of books about it;  I do not know if any dogs have written books which would be much better because why would I need to know where there is a toilet or cafe (because I am NOT ALLOWED) but would like to know where the  best sniffs are? Anyway it is called the West Highland Walkies and it goes from Glasgow where I was last time to Fort William which I think I have been to but never told you about because it was just walking on the street but there were some nice dogs if I recall?

So. Back to the West Highland Walkies, you can do this walkies for days and days (sounds good) but you might need to carry your own bed (not so sure about that). And you would have to be allowed to eat sausages and scrambly eggs and other scrumptious  stuff or your peoples would have to take all your kibble in their bags. Although I have heard rumours of dogs having to carry all their own things!!!!!!!

Anyway, because MyPeoples DO NOT ALLOW  me to eat scrumptious peoplesfood and did not want to carry all my kibble and my bed and are not as good at walkies as me, we are doing it in bits.
But I do not mind as long as we do the walkies.

The first bit was from Tyndrum to Crianlarich, it is usually the other way around but I have already told you about missing the train. It was a very nice walk with lots of places where I could go off my lead and check out the sniffs and stories. The main places for being on your lead are where the walks goes through a farm and there are sheeps and where it crosses a very busy road and you have to all be very careful.

After crossing the road the path gets quite steep and MyPeoples was finding it quite hard because she has very short (fat) legs. I have short legs too but I have four of them so it was not a problem for me and in any case I am superb at walkies.

this is a view, peoples like views

"C'mon peoples"

When we got to the Crianlarich place we had quite a long time before the train so we went to the hotel and all had a drink and MyPeoples had scones which I'm sure are quite delicious if you are allowed but I just had my kibble.

The next bit of walkies was on a very sunny day and we drove to somewhere called the Bridge of Orchy. This time we were a bit early for the train so we went to the hotel and had a drink. MyPeoples thought that it looked very nice and that we might go back if we did the walkies again and maybe both of them together?

We got the train to the Tyndrum place where we had been before and then turned around and did the walks back to where we had been. This obviously makes sense if you are a peoples but tbh as long as there is walkies I do not really care.

We stopped on the way and we all had a picnic because I had not wanted my breakfast before we went in the car. Some nasty peoples had left bits of their picnics under the rocks which I think is pretty horrible and peoples have the cheek to complain about dogs being dirty. Pfft!

Walkies is thirsty work

I did not leave a scrap

which is more than you can say for these peoples and we took my poo home with us
Apart from two bits were there were sheeps I  could go off my lead and enjoy all  the sniffs. There were no bits of busy roads to cross but there were some climby gate things. Mostly I could squeeze through but once I did not fancy it and MyPeoples had to help me get over the top. I can walk over the sheeps pipes now too. Did I tell you I was very clever?

We walked back to the train place where we had left the car and went home for tea. I'm looking forward to doing some more of these walkies soon.

Licks and twirls


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