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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Helping MyPeoples explore

Well it wasn't raining today but that wasn't all good, because when we went for my usual morning walkies there were lots of people doing a trophy which was a game with a ball and sticks. I am very good at games with balls and sticks but guess what? Yes. I WAS NOT ALLOWED. And what's more I had to stay on my lead because they thought I would join in and then the peoples would look bad because I would win. We didn't do the usual way either we went on the road and saw a sheeps with some very strange pups.

sheeps with very strange pups

But it wasn't all bad because it stayed sunny and so we did extra walks this afternoon. It was a bit of one we do a lot, down to the "otter place" but when we got to the beach we turned a different way  and went more along the beach. Lovely stones and sniffs but the peoples said "Ew stinky" because peoples are strange about sniffs.  Then we climbed over the wall, this was very easy for me but a bit harder for MyPeoples, and we went up through the trees.

even peoples could follow this path

showing the way to go

 I had been there once before with one of MyPeople but he wasn't sure of the way so I had to help.

this is my helpful face

We went almost to the end of the island. There  were lots of sniffs of deer and bunnies but I was very good and stayed close to show them the best way to go. One of MyPeoples kept stopping to take photos of broken walls and flowers and stuff like that.
I don't know why

And we found where a bird pup had come out of the nest too soon so that was a bit sad.

oh dear this would have been a bird pup

At one bit we could see the top of our house and then we were nearly home. MyPeoples had to climb over but I don't like those things and I am a dog so I could go the better way- underneath.

I can go under

When you get here
and this one

 you are nearly at that end of the walk and so  we went home and I had a check of my sea which was quite small and came inside for tea.

I'm hoping we go to the pub for a biscuit later, paws crossed. I'll let you know. Licks'n'wags.


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