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Friday, 22 May 2015

BTs rule, otters drool

Lots of excitements today

First My(M)People was all "there are otters in the garden". As I've said  before, what is the deal with otters? They have some good PR that is all.  Let us examine the evidence....

1) They have BT faces. So do I. A real one! And I'm not nearly so bitey (unless you get in the way when I'm sorting out some dubious "lady"BT). But when did you ever hear about a BT biting off a TV presenter's finger?
2) They swim. I LOVE swimming. But I have to have a shower after. *sadface*. Otters NEVER shower, can you  imagine the stink? Eugh!
3) They eat fish. See above. Yes, I would LOVE to eat fish. But not allowed, only fishy kibble. Mind you, I have lovely sweet breath. Otter kisses Double Eugh.
4) They are cute. I refer you to point 1 above. They are copying our faces.
5) There is no 5. They don't like walks, or zoomies or do zombie patrol. They don't sleep on sofas making your cushions look really comfy, or chew up your nuisance mail to save you reading it.

( Even so My(F)People was a bit disappointed 'cause me and her were still getting our beauty sleep though I don't really need mine).

BT 4 Otters 0.

 How about we pitch "World of BTs" to those TV Peeps eh? Much better than otters.

Second excitement?  "Quick lets go and watch the Queen Mary go up the sound ".  Surely not another otter? With a crown? Not very floaty.  And isn't The Queen a lady called Elizabeth? Definitely not an otter. I think she's almost 13 too,  which is quite old for a lady and she wears all the wrong kind of clothes, very hard to swim with a handbag.

Where the boat wasn't

It's a boat?????? Peoples are very strange. We have a boat, in the garden; it's not even as good as an otter.  But I wasn't complaining. It meant we had extra walkies. My(F)People got her welly stuck in the mud again and there were loads of good sniffs even though I couldn't find those bunnies.

But I did find my friend.

Can you spot him?

And when we got back, I had a little swim.

It's my sea otters, you just swim in it

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