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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Explores and snores


We haven't had such sunny weather but I've still managed some good walkies.

The first one was last week. It didn't start out so well because I had to go in the car. I don't mind going in the car but it's not as good as walkies, the sniffs are not great and there's not much to see. So I usually have a little nap and dream of a good run.  Anyway we had to go in the car because one of MyPeoples had another of those not chewy-up paper meetings.

We had quite a big drive but not as big as the one when we used to live somewhere else as well. MyPeoples went off to his meeting and the other MyPeoples took me for walkies. She wanted to go to the big stone house but guess what? Yes. I WAS NOT ALLOWED.


But a very nice peoples who lived there said "Hello" and that I was lovely, *of course*, and had a talk with me while MyPeoples visited the toilets. Then we met a very handsome tourist dog who said "Hello" and we did sniffs and his peoples told us about a good walkies; which in my opinion (the best one) was much better than visiting the big house.

me outside the big house meeting a nice peoples 

The walkies started at the top of the car park and was a lovely path right around the hill that the big house is on. For peoples there were bits of wood with stories to tell them about the hill. But I am a dog so I didn't need them. I had my nose and found out all about it from the sniffs.  And I can tell you that there are MANY BUNNIES. I was on my lead because it was a new place so they were able to be QUITE BOLD. In fact one of them SAT RIGHT ON THE PATH IN FRONT OF ME! Pfft!
this is the big house with a walkies around

After the walkies we sat outside Old Town Coffee House and had drinks, I think MyPeoples had something to eat as well, that is why she does not have a trim figure like me.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Old-town-coffee-house/124600114283578?sk=photos_stream
And of course the peoples there thought that I was lovely and BTs are her favourite dogs. *attempts modest face*

And then it was time to go and meet MyPeoples from his meeting and drive home. So I had a sleep.

And that's what I'm going to do now.


Licks and wags until  next time

PS.  if you are a peoples you might like go in the big house  http://www.stirlingcastle.gov.uk
My peoples says it is good.

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  1. Hello there Miss Teri...its me, Clapton. Good to know you have a blog...