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Friday, 12 June 2015

Phew, I need a lie down

I have had a busy, busy week. I think it is because it is sunny. Peoples seem to like walkies more when it is sunny. Peoples are strange, I like walkies in any weathers, well almost, I don't like pavement walkies in the rain very much, but here by my sea, wet walkies are great, lots of sniffs and splashes.

Anyway back to my busy week....
On Monday one of MyPeoples had to go to a meeting about archives which is where peoples keep bit of papers that they don't want you to chew up, so my morning walk was just with one of MyPs. At first I was a bit concerned because she didn't do the proper all the way round walkies and there was not even any peoples doing a trophy with balls and sticks. But after we did the round the road bit and up past the dead peoples place bit we didn't go back to the shop where the car is. We turned the other way!
And so we went to the church, but we didn't go in where I'm not allowed, we went around the side where there was a gate, which we went through, then up to this gate. And through it....

gate, there is another one like this round the side of the church

And then we were up on the hill, with me walking nicely on my lead, but leading, because I ALWAYS know the way even when it's a new walkies. It was quite muddy but MyP didn't mind and I never do.

muddy path

Well almost always, even I got a bit worried at this bit and so we scrambled through some trees taking care not to hurt them. MyPeople got a bit scratched tho' *concerned face*,  but she was ok so that was good.

the very deep mud with the trees we scrambled through just to the side

We met this sheeps pup and I think he liked me a lot but I am a very good dog and so I ignored him. He will just have to learn not to bother dogs.

We had to walk through his field, and MyPeoples is always good and remembers to shut the gates, and I did not look at the sheeps and then we got onto the path to the SEA. And I had a go on the beach.

And then we met MyPeoples who had finished his meeting about bits of paper and he was very pleased to see me and sad he'd missed the walkies.

The next day we got up early and went off in the car which is not exciting because I can't see out. But then we got on a boat which was very good.

we are on this boat looking back at the boat station

we are now looking at the boat where we are not anymore

We sailed to another place called the "Big Garden"* which was very good and had great sniffs and and streams and sea but I was not allowed in *sadface*, they said it was too fast but I am very fast too.

I don't think the sea is too fast

There were lots of other dogs, a BT guarding the path, I was polite; and two VERY BIG dogs who barked but were very nice when they met me properly.

We saw these sheeps who lived in a house.

MyPeoples had lunch outside and then went to look at the stories and we did some more walkies. And guess what? More sheeps pups who wanted to say "hello" . MyPeoples were all excited because they got to stroke them. But really??? I let them stroke me all the time and I have much nicer fur.

the sheeps pups

On the walkies we also met A LOVELY ladyPeoples, who stopped her car specially to say "hello" to me and say I am LOVELY (of course) *blushes with false modesty* and it turns out she is the Peoples of the guard BT so I was very glad I had been polite.

And then it was time to go back on the boat and home for tea.

The next day was quieter because we went to see MyPeoples aunty in Greenock, but she is a nice peoples and loves me very much and furthermore has a very good garden for running in. The only bad thing was that MyPeoples went for a swim in a small sea which looked very nice but I WAS NOT ALLOWED and had to stay and look after My(other)Peoples.

Then yesterday. We went on another boat. Not a big one but there were some cars too. To an island next to our one**. With lots of stones.  We had a lovely walkies and I was very helpful at finding the path and helping MyPeoples climb over cliffs because it is hard when you only have two legs. Even sheeps can manage better than peoples

some cliffs where I was helpful

a sheeps

MyPeoples had lunch that they had brought in a box but I had to look for my own food.

looking for lunch

We got home again in time for tea and a nice rest.

Mmmm, sun puddle.

*Lismore, in Gaelic, Lios Mor -big garden
** Luing, one of the Slate Islands accessible by ferry from Cuan on Seil Island

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