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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Form an orderly queue now.......

Helloooooooo pups and peeps so much has happened since I last wrote. For one thing I  found out that  lots of the lovely walkies I've been telling you about have been wrote down already by peoples in a book so if you want to go on them but your peoples (or you if you are a peoples) are afraid of dropping your  'puter in the mud then you can take the book instead. But I will have to warn you that the book does not have lovely pictures of me in it so you will just have to look at the scenery instead. But try not be too sad because it is nice scenery though obvs not nearly so nice as me.  Next time we do a new one I will tell you all about it.

this is the book with the walkies

We haven't done any new explores for a bit though but I did go to Wales to see my Aunty.  She is a PeoplesAunty not a fur but she is very nice. Wales is quite a long way if you start from my house, too far for walkies so you have to go by car. This is quite dull so I usually have a little sleep until some sniffs or walkies come along.  On the way we stopped at a  place with very good sniffs http://thebearspaw.co.uk . I tried not to eat my dinner so I would have room for some of the nice things to eat BUT I WAS NOT ALLOWED. I had to lie there and sniff all the lovely peoples food and not eat it *poor much maligned dog face*  The peoples who brought the food all were very kind and said I was lovely (of course) and gave me ear scritches and there is one lady peoples who has lots of  BTs living with her so how lucky is she? The rooms are very comfortable and have all the things like baths and showers that peoples like but I am a dog so I don't really care but they have walkies written down for you to do which I do like, but we weren't there for long enough *sad face* so we just walked up the path and said "hello" to the cows who came to see me, but they were on the other side of the fence so I was quite safe  in case you are worried.

After that it was into the car for another sleep and then I was at MyAunty's. There is one very bad thing about being MyAunty's house. RACHELCAT. She is a very tiny cat but very, very fierce. She does not like me AT ALL. I used to try to be friendly and give her tail wags and I thought she wanted to play because she wagged hers too and then she was all needles and spits SO THAT WAS NOT A NICE WAY TO PLAY.  But apart from Rachelcat it is lovely;  there is a big garden with lots of good sniffs and runnings and the peoples have a food bowl there too and MyAunty GAVE ME A SAUSAGE. *happy happy face* .

nice peoples foods

"quick MyPeoples isn't looking"

how could she resist?

Wales has lovely beaches but your peoples have to check because not all of them like dogs; silly, silly beaches. MyPeoples are clever and knew one where I could go and run and check out the sniffs.
http://www.thebeachguide.co.uk/south-wales/glamorgan/dogs-allowed I met lots of nice Welsh dogs including a Welsh BT but we only had a sniff because he was with his granny peoples and she doesn't let him run off lead. After all that running and sea air we were all ready for a snack so  went off to find a pub, and found one which  welcomed me AND gave me biscuits, which I was allowed *happy face and tummy* http://www.watermillogmore.com/gallery

licking the Welsh air

lunch for us all

Our next stop was by the seaside in Conwy. I got biscuits there too, from the Castle Hotel http://www.castlewales.co.uk they made the room really comfy for me too but I always travel with my  own bed. In the morning we sat outside but only MyPeoples got any sausages.

Conwy castle, not the hotel one where we stayed which had a roof and was much comfier

Next I went to stay with my other Aunty in Peebles. She loves me very much too (of course) and is lovely and I got many many cuddles, but no sausages *slightly sad face*

Then it was time to go home and My Peoples were very busy with cleaning and other peoples stuff and this appeared!

what's this?

MyPeoples are inviting other peoples to stay in our house. AND THEY ARE COOKING THEM SAUSAGES. And you can guess that I AM NOT ALLOWED. And even worse sometime they will be bringing their pups and if I find out they have been getting sausages I will be VERY CROSS indeed. *very best cross face*.

does this work as *cross face*?

But none of that matters because my loveliness has now been officially recognised. I won first prize in my class at the Lorn Agricultural show. Mind you my prizes weren't much fun - a ribbony thing and some paper, none of them were tasty, sniffy or chasy so what really  is the  point? But afterwards we went to the beach which was GOOOOOOOOD!

don't worry I didn't wear it for long

now this is much better and sunny

*coughs modestly* you can keep it there if you want

And don't worry pups and peeps I will not let it go to my head (much) and will still talk to you.

Licks and twirls until next time

B xx

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