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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Putting myself in the cathouse

Hello pups and peeps.

No new walkies to tell you about but I was back in one of my favourite Edinburgh places last week. Blackford Hill
There was a time when I was up there nearly every day. All MyPeoples love that walk. But now we've moved and it isn't close anymore,  and sometimes it's really far away but that's when I live by my sea so I don't mind.
To go there you have to be in Edinburgh, then you can either walk all the way there or catch the number 41 bus http://lothianbuses.com. Start off at the gate by the duck pond; if you want to see the ducks you have to be on your lead and there's no swimming allowed *sadface*. But it's best if you just keep walking and head up the stairs. If you can't find the stairs it doesn't matter just go up. All the walks at Blackford are good fun. There are good sniffs (bunnies), a stream, sticks and stones to chase and lots of space to run about.
Me trying to get to the top

Plenty of room to run about 

This is Edinburgh, the other big hill is Arthur's Seat, also good for walkies

There will also be lots of other dogs and their peoples. You might want to have a sniff of these other dogs, and maybe a bit of a run and a chase. Perhaps your peoples might talk to their peoples. Then their peoples will say "lovely dog" and other stuff like that,  *trying to look modest face* and I'll wag at them too and twirl if they are really nice. Some peoples have snacks. BUT I'M NEVER ALLOWED.
Having a nice play

The non dog is my Young P

But Sometimes. There is a dog who is just not RIGHT*. And your peoples talks to their peoples and  says "lovely dog" to them. And that dog has a growl**. So you have a growl. And another. Then some snarling. And biteyness.

And your peoples hand gets a bit in the way.
His paw is hardly damaged

And you are then, well and truly, IN THE CATHOUSE.

But not for too long.

* Sorry #BTPosse it's usually another BTgirl *abashed face*
** And it's NEVER me who starts it. Honest. *butter wouldn't melt face*

Me and some buttercups which didn't melt either


  1. Hello Miss Bramblins. It is me, Clapton. Our Miss Lola sometimes gets into scraps with other lady BTs. It can't be helped.

  2. Thank you for your support Marley. I DO try very hard to be nice.