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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Posh Paws

I had a nice walkies today, it starts just around the corner from Airds Hotel in Port Appin.

http://www.airds-hotel.com Dogs can stay with their peoples there. I have it's very nice.

If you stay here they tell you if it's going to be wet or dry walkies. If you are a people you can use the wellies you see in my Twitter picture but if you are a dog you will want the full splash experience. Today was very sunny so MyPeoples had lunch in the garden first. I did some foraging. This is very fashionable for peoples now.

If you are at the hotel go out of the car park and along the road a bit. Be careful there are cars. Look for a sign pointing to Public Footpath by Clach Toull.

Go through the gate and you can take your lead of if you do that. Peoples have made more path since the last time I was there so there was lots of sniffs to check. You will pass a White House and there may be sheeps so you would have to go back on your lead. There were no sheeps today. There was one of my best sniffs. THE SEA. But MyPeoples were being very mean and wouldn't take me there. I was very very good and came right back through the hole in the fence when they called.

The path goes round the corner through the rocks and then you can sniff and see MORE SEA. I found such a good path down to a lovely stony beach that MyPeoples couldn't help following. And I had a swim.

Now I am a bit worried that I'll have to go in the shower because they are saying "Ew! Stinky Dog" and other very hurtful things. After all peoples pay lots of money for seaweed spa......

I will let you know.

After your swim go back on the path and your peoples might read this sign about the nice lady who liked the path.

Then go through the gate (back on your lead) and down the road passing the houses and the boat to Lismore Island. Then you will go up the hill, past the shop and back to the hotel where your peoples can have a nice cup of tea if they didn't have lunch.

Have fun.

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