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Friday, 20 March 2015

Hello. Now what was all that eclipse stuff they were all excited about today? It was just a bit dark, like when it rains but without the wet. Peoples are strange. Even MyPeople. I get excited about walkies and sniffs. Here's one of my favourite walkies and it's got plenty of sniffs.

You start off at my house, but if you don't live there you can take the path up the side of the Tigh and Truish http://www.tigh-an-truish.co.uk, you can go there later for some refreshments. Follow the path up the lane, through the gate on the right and into the field (Bunny sniffs, actual Bunnies!) be careful though, sometimes there are cows.  I'm not allowed to play with cows, or sheeps *sadface*. Cows are too rough, sheeps are too silly.
Now when you get to the top of the field you'll have to do whatever you do, I favour *bigwinsomeyeface*,  to get your people to come with you and not stop and look at the view.


Demonstrating bigwinsomeyeface.
No competition whatsoever

Once you've managed them past that hurdle it should be fun, fun, fun all the way down to the sea. Just a teeny word of warning, peoples are mostly heavier than dogs. Mine are, even the thin one. Last time we went I almost lost one of mine because she was soooooo busy looking at that view she didn't see me pick the best way to go. And she got stuck. In the mud. Hehe. Actually was a bit worried I'd have to go back and get my other one to rescue her. You can see my concern, here.

So, if you get past all of that. THE SEA. It's called Puilladobhrain which the peoples say means "pool of the otter". Peoples love otters, they even say I have an otter face. The cheek! They have BT faces. And I bet peoples wouldn't be so keen to have them in the house. Very bitey. And scratchy. And stinky. They eat fishes all the time. To think peoples call me stinky if I've been in the sea or eating fishiness.
One time there was a big dead fish. But I wasn't allowed to eat it or shake it. Peoples can be mean.

a big dead fish similar to the one I wasn't allowed to eat. I couldn't eat this one either

There's always good stones and splashes. I love both, especially splashing after stones. Peoples might take their boots off and have a splash too. They're not so keen on stones though. I don't think they have the right sort of mouths.  In the summer there are boats, this one's broken now and doesn't go away.

When you're finished splashing you can either go back the way you came and to the pub for a drink, or  follow the path across the mudflats (be careful if you weigh more than me), heading towards the wire fence. Turn left across the soggy field  and up the hill with the big rock on your right and go through the gate. Make sure you close it after you, there may be sheeps.  There's another field, go through that and through another gate and up the path. Follow the path, and it'll take you back down to the lane by the side of the pub. Your peoples will need to put you on your lead on the path because there's a place where sheeps live.
After that you can go to the pub for a drink and a biscuit.

I'll wag if I see you.

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