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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Sniffing around old haunts

Pffft! MyPeoples seem to be VERY excited by seeing this outside, forgetting EVERYTHING I told them

Pfft! Really I do not know what all the fuss is about

so I thought I would just make myself busy telling you all about the fun I had last week.....

We went in the car, (not very fun) back to the big busy place I used to live. There were sooooooooooooo many sniffs to catch up on. We  stayed quite close to where I used to live. We couldn't go back to my old house because other peoples live there now and they have A CAT, Pfffft! Anyway the staying place was quite nice with plenty of space for my bed, and I am getting to be very good at moving doors and lifts now.  It even had a little indoor sea, but guess what? Yes, I WAS NOT ALLOWED.

What I  was allowed to do though was some great walkies. Even street walks were good because the inside places MyPeoples likes were very pleased to see me too. Because MyPeoples is a peoples (obvs) her paws are not nearly as good as a dogs (also obvs) and she has to put clothes on them. So we went to the peoplespawsclothesplace that she likes and where a nice lab lives. She got some clothes for her paws and she was very pleased with them but I do not think they will be that good for walkies. Specially muddy or beachy walkies which are the every best kind.

not very good for muddy walkies

We went to the nice food place but of course I WAS NOT ALLOWED (any of the scrumptious looking food), but sometimes peoples are messy with their foods and there can be nice licks on the floor. Hehe. The nice big doggie in the picture was not there, she might have to been busy in the office,  but there were other nice dogs and I was very good *beams* and said "Hello" nicely and sat under the table;  not at all licking up crumbs *winks*. And everyone said "Oh! Lovely dog" but I am getting used to that now and just try to look modest.

When we were going back to the staying place there was a very nice sniff I remembered and it was one of my friends from when I used to live there. She remembered me too and we had some nice licks'n'twirls but we are both very busy dogs so there was no time for a big run around.

And then when we got back to the staying place the VERY BEST THING HAPPENED. MyYoungPeoples came. *BIG licks'n'twirls* and I went to stay with him in his house *very happy dog * even though The Girl was there too. But the next day she had to go to work,  *sobs*. Hehe. And I had MyYoung Peoples all to myself. He knows the best things to do. We had HUGE walkies in one of my best places Blackford Hill *undescribably happy dog, dizzy making licks'n'twirls*.

And after that I went back to MyPeoples to their staying place because I did not want them to get sad being without me for too long and stayed with them until it was time to come back home.

Which is where I am now.

Now come on,  no choice is there?



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