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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Hoovering up the crumbs

Well hellooooo pups and peeps, I have been on a little holiday. I stayed at a very nice peoples place (this is a bit about the place) in Glasgow. They are VERY nice to dogs and liked me very, very much *of course*. A lovely man called Johnny was soooooooo pleased to see me everytime I came home.

They give you a bed and some bowls but I am a seasoned traveller and I like to have my own things so I put my furry blanket on their bed. It was nice and comfy.

getting comfy

I was just getting all settled in when there was a knock at the door, I though it would be one of the nice hotel people , maybe bringing sausages *a dog is always hopeful even though I AM MOSTLY NOT  ALLOWED* but then I had a sniff, and

IT WAS MY YOUNGPEOPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(He had his *other girl* with him but I am getting used to her as long as she knows her place)

MyYoungPeoples being very happy because he is coming to see me

So that was making a nice place even better. I love MyYoungPeoples but I don't get to see him so much now that I lives beside my sea.  I am hoping he might come and stay with me when MyPeoples go on aeroplanes. (He can even bring the girl)

Anyway after a little bit (MyPeoples got some new toys to play with but she didn't chew them so what is the point?) we all went outside and the very nice man found a car for us to have a ride in.

We went to a quite noisy place and there was MyAunty! This was turning into a VERY good day. She always promises me sausages and scrambly eggs on the little birdie 'puter place. She had a nice big doggie bag, *hopeful face*  it said so in letters DIOR  (I am a dog and my spelling is not very good but I think that says dog)  so I was very hopeful *more hopeful face*. It looked big enough for lots of sausages.........

But do you know what? She fibbed!!!!! There was no sausages or scrambly eggs! She was going to be demoted from best favourite Aunty. But...................for  a very smart peoples she is quite a sloppy eater and some nice crumbs came my way on the floor. *licks mouth*. I thinks that maybe she was doing it on purpose when MyPeoples was not looking.

And she did give me a burger and a bone. But they were made of plastic so not very tasty but very good for chewing.

This is me testing out the bone

The next day after MyPeoples had scrambly eggs for breakfast and DID NOT SHARE we met my Aunty and Uncle Peoples again and did a walkies in a garden place which was quite good but I had to stay on my lead but after that we went to a beach which was lovely and loads of stones and sniffs but no splashes *sad face* on account of sleeping in the hotel place.  All the peoples had ice cream and


The scrambly eggs I DID NOT GET and they would easy fit in that DIOR bag

The next day we did a walkies around the shops which is mostly boring except when lovely people come up to say "Hello" and "Lovely Dog" and this time I met some lovely peoples from Danish land who said BTs were the best type of dogs *of course*.

And I have been thinking that if I got a job I could stay in the hotel place and order my own scrambly eggs.

So what do you think?

Bxx licks and wags

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