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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Ahoy me hearties!

I have been having all sorts of adventures.

Last week I went on a boat trip. The boat lived quite far from my house so we went in the car first and I had a little sleep. I was then nice and refreshed for the splashy walk to the boat and looking forward to the sea breeze in my face.

What a disappointment! Usually we are on the outside where you can sniff the sea but this boat didn't have any outside. It was just like a bus and I had to sit down on the floor by the feet! I was not impressed. There was nothing to see  and no nice sniffs. Feet! Pfft! My poor sensitive nose. And then it got really bouncy, worse than MyPeoples driving the car and I did not like it at all. Luckily MyPeoples knew I was not happy and picked me up so I could see out and I felt much better. (It was also nice being cuddled because it was just a tiny bit scary). The sea was much bigger and up around the side of the boat than I had ever seen before.

It wasn't long before we got to the place we were going which is called Jura. I have been there before and it has very good beaches; it has more deer than peoples and is famous for a book, a burning and this:

I let the knitting me try it because I do not think I would like whisky

MyPeoples granny came from Jura and the last time we were there we found the house she used to live in but it didn't look very comfy for peoples now.

this is not the house in the story

this is not the boat in the story

We had a cup of tea with a very nice lady who lives there (Jura, not the not-comfy house). I met some nice Diurach* dogs, played on the beach and had a swim. On our way back in the boat it was much less bouncy.

this is looking out of the boat with non bouncy sea on the way home

When we got home that night we went to the pub http://tigh-an-truish.co.uk and there were biscuits and I WAS ALLOWED *happy face*.

After that we were very busy with peoples staying and I was banished and tortured by lovely sniffs and none for me. Sometimes the peoples  said "Oh where is B........?" and asked to meet me and said "lovely dog"and other nice things *of course*; but I noticed they did not save me any sausage.

One set of peoples brought their dog which was lovely and I was on very best behaviour and polite and she was very nice dog too. We had a little play which was fun and I told her some good places for  walkies so that the could enjoy the sea.

I think that is all for now, except we found a new beach yesterday.

me on the new beach 

Licks and wags


*that is the name for peoples and dogs from Jura in Gaelic, the spelling might not be quite right but I think it is a good try for a dog

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