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Monday, 9 March 2015

Hello there

A little bit about me......

I'm two and a half years old and was born on a farm just outside the town of Hawick in the Scottish Borders. I never knew my pa but I spent my first months with my ma, grandma, sisters and brothers. My first human Ian looked after me really well and I loved him a lot. He made sure I was used to lots of things and took me into town in the car when I was tiny which was just as well because my new people lived far away in Edinburgh. I cried the first night but my new people (who are now My People) loved me very much and I soon settled in.
I got to know all the good parks in Edinburgh, my favourite was Blackford Hill, plenty of good sniffs there. Sometimes I went back to Hawick but my mum was never very friendly; I had good fun with my sis who still lived at home though.

Me and my sis, I'm the hairy one

On Blackford Hill

I've had lots of adventures, I've been under the sea in a train and over it on boats. And in one of these:

On the Ile de Re

There were nice dogs there
Terrier dancing with a German friend (me the hairy one again)
but the rules were mean
 and I'm never allowed one of these 

But I do love a beach. Which is good because now I live right by the sea. And there's a boat, so I'll be getting my own life jacket.

Not that My People (one of them at least) need an excuse to dress me up.

I don't like it that much, but I humour her.

My expression says it all

Does my hair look big in this?
Too young to know better

That's Lady B if you don't mind 

And she sometimes wears them too

She's jealous of my lovely fur

Matching hair

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